Rules & Regulations

The OFBPOA will hold an Annual General Meeting each year. This meeting serves as a forum for residents to foster better communications between the OFBPOA Board and the people they serve.

Annual assessments are billed semi-annually February 1st and July 1st of each year. The Services which are provided for the payment of this assessment are described in detail in the handbook.

The land and home owners are required to pay semi-annual assessment fees or rent fees, which goes towards upkeep/maintenance of the common areas, security services, landscape services and administrative supervision.
OFB POA can also impose special assessments on land and home owners when the association lacks sufficient reserves to pay for unexpected repairs to common areas, or faces other non-recurring special expenses.

Construction Fees: During the construction of a house or an addition to an existing structure, an additional assessment is levied. This additional charge is assessed during each year of construction from the date of commencement of construction until an occupancy certificate has been obtained. The higher rate reflects increased costs to the POA as a result of the ongoing construction activity within the community.

Prior to 2001, there was no compulsion on a purchaser to build within a certain period of time on the Lot. Since the introduction of the revised Master Development Plan in 2001, the Developer has introduced a build compulsion in the documentation for any new purchaser other than for Charlotte or Fincastle Islands. The Purchaser has two years from the date of conveyance of the property to commence building and two years from the commencement of construction to complete it.

Property owners, when contemplating the construction of a house should be sure to read and comply with the covenants which form an important part of the land conveyance. Generally, when building a house, owners should ensure that their contractor keeps the job site neat and tidy and prevents debris from blowing onto other properties or into the sea, canals or marina. Owners should consider withholding contract payments in order to enforce this request. Contractors must also provide a chemical toilet on site. Following are the building guidelines for construction at Old Fort Bay.

The Architecture of Old Fort Bay will be characterized by its distinctiveness and diversity. A notable level of style, coherency and consistency shall be prevalent throughout the individual family residences and the community as a whole.

This is achieved with the implementation of an Architectural Code which rather than regulating the style or shape or size of houses, promotes instead traditional residential types as a more effective means of arriving at a comprehensively designed whole. A copy of the code can be obtained at the office of the Developer, or can be viewed here.

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